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Beautiful Fresh Flowers on Wedding Cakes

By: Trendy Bride



With the popularity of shops like Etsy and inspirational sources like Pinterest, there have never been more unique and personalized wedding cake toppers available. Although fun and quirky, never underestimate or overlook the classic and beautiful quality a fresh set of flowers can have on your wedding cake. And if you’re looking to save on the design of your cake, a bunch of bold flowers is an easy solution.

This three tier cake ordinarily would be plain and run-of-the-mill with its white fondant-covered layers. However, the design goes from simple to smashing with a myriad of color cascading down the creation. With a trendy ombre-like quality, the flowers transcend from light purple, to hearty red, to orange, to pale pink and finally, white for an artistic take on the classic addition of flowers.

wedding cake

via Shea Christine Photography

One can also experiment with different types of flowers. Roses are gorgeous but there are also many options for unique and interesting concepts. This three-tier buttercream frosted cake is accentuated with various wild yellow and green flowers that add height. Pink and coral-colored flowers line down the center of the design to create a beautiful focal-point to tie all the wedding colors back together.

wedding cake

via D’Arcy Benincosa Photography

Sometimes, less really is more – especially if there is a bold flower you absolutely love. This white four-tier cake is lined with pearl detail and frosted in a linear way. Four dark pink peonies sit singularly on a different layer, offering contrast on each side. On a seemingly blank canvas, they make quite the impact.

wedding cake

via Loft Photographie

Flower accents can also look modern. This five-layer cake is mostly covered in white fondant with a singular gold tier in the middle. A large, light pink dahlia sits in the center surrounded by white roses and small clusters of tiny white flowers. Anchored at the base of the cake is a wreath of eucalyptus leaves and a centered white peony flower. The color doesn’t always have to come from flowers but rather, their green counterparts.

wedding cake

via Ashley Kelemen

Flowers can be fun and trendy, too, just like other creative options in the wedding marketplace. It’s the natural, fresh quality of a floral accent that transforms a beautiful cake into a classic focal point of elegance.

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Modern Wedding Cakes from Hey There Cupcake

By: Trendy Bride



Wedding cakes are like a blank canvas; there are more than a million different designs, ideas, and shapes each one can take. Hey There Cupcake has a knack for creating modern, minimalist creations that are subtle, yet completely striking in sophistication.

Modern doesn’t have to mean weird or abstract. A modern wedding cake can still include traditional elements with a 21st century feel. Some unique inclusions for today’s cake designs include slender layers as opposed to wider ones, darker colored tiers versus the traditional white and textures and designs that take risks.

This two-tier cake features tall slim layers, covered in dark fondant. The edge is dressed with gold-leaf and adorned with small rosettes in green, coral and white. The contrast between the bright, dark and metallic tones is interesting and unique, while affording the couple a chance to sparkle.

black wedding cake

This three-tier cake has a little sleek and a little sass. The top two tiers are tall, slim, and fondant-covered. Nestled on the second layer is a small wire-shaped “love” message. The bottom layer is heavily covered with different kinds of rosettes in pink, coral, white and black colors – all with different styles and dimensions.

modern wedding cake

If you love both dark and light, this cake has it all. The top two tiers are covered with black fondant and the bottom tier features white designs with hints of black and pink. Atop the second tier is a small pink rosette – simple and delicate.

This is a classy example of a modern wedding cake. The bottom layer is covered in a golden pattern, with the white fondant peeking through the metallic hue. The top tier is white and in front sits three pink rosettes. This is an ideal cake for those couples hosting small, intimate weddings that still want their cakes to make a statement.

wedding cakes

This cake has it all – color, contrast and texture. Each layer is different, casting a beautiful display of art and creativity. The bottom layer is covered with horizontal black and white stripes. The second layer is adorned generously with pink rosettes, all in various shades. The top layer is a classic white with a small “oui oui” cake topper. For a black tie affair, this cake would definitely be the center of attention.

fabric wedding cake

Wedding cakes themselves are traditional; therefore, it’s completely acceptable to step outside the cake-box and work with a designer to provide something more fresh and exclusive. Choose a modern-day confection for your modern-day romance!

Cakes by: Hey There Cupcake

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